We can provide:


 1.  Comprehensive Insurance which includes Public Liability, equipment loss (through theft, accident or vandalism) and Medical Indemnity Insurance for any first aid staff who help out.


 2.  A platform from which to launch a social media campaign and design expertise to make it happen.


 3.  People qualified to meet Level 2 Food and Hygiene Requirements - essential if you are serving food to the public.


 4.  People DBS/CRB checked so able to meet the new "safeguarding" requirements for children and vulnerable people.


 5.  PA systems for large and small venues with a performing rights licence for any music you may need.


 6.  Expert guidance and advice from International Sources, which includes comprehensive resource packs covering all aspects of event management and organisation.


 7.  The experience of people who have "been there and done that" - clubs across the UK have organised almost every type of event imaginable, and we all help each other.


 8.  The backing of sound finances in a body whose accounts are available for public scrutiny.


 9.  All of this in a friendly supportive atmosphere - no one will laugh at your ideas, but will help you to turn them into reality and make them happen.

So you are thinking of organising an event locally, but feel you cannot do it alone, or you need help.


The Lions can turn your dream, or idea, into reality.